A Man Who Loves To Travel

Hi there!

This is Abdul Halim. People find me enthusiastic & friendly. Sharing knowledge is my passion. My biggest strength is – I am a quick self-learner.

I am compassionate, I can put myself in others’ shoes. Having this ability gave me a whole new perspective to look at things. I prefer giving over taking. They say that I have a good sense of humor too. In case you are wondering, my personality type is “INFP” (Google itif you don’t know what that means).

And, one last thing, I love my family more than anything.

Oh, did I mention that, I looooove to travel?

Currently, I'm serving as the president director of SHONIRVOR SAMAJ -A nonprofit organization which works for the betterment of disadvantaged people of society.

It was nice meeting you 🙂


Personal Information

  • Name Abdul Halim
  • Age 27 Years
  • Blood O+ (Positive)
  • Residence Dhaka, Bangladesh


Mobile Phone

My business "Mobile Fair" sells all kinds of mobile devices and accessories in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.


We import the latest computers and accessories of all renowned brands from abroad. 

Electronic Gadget

Equity International also imports all kinds of electronic gadgets and IoT devices from abroad. 

Travel Consultancy

Micro Travel is a travel consultancy firm. We provide travel-related services in Bangladesh.